Leddie Forever
So, I’m going to post a little of my fanfiction I started…

Be easy on me lol, Its probably not edited right or whatever…Hope you like it.

Eddie couldn’t believe what Tyler just said. All this time Cloe had been cheating on him with Tyler. Every thing that came out of her mouth was a lie. Eddie was infuriated, how dare she stand in front of him and swear to him that nothing was going on between her and Tyler. “So all this time, you’ve been sleeping with my fiancé?!” Eddie shouted. Tyler laughed and just smirked at Eddie. “Oh my god man, I’ve been sleeping with since even before she met you!!” he said with a smug look on his face. Eddie knew that everybody was right about Cloe, he just didn’t want to believe that she was such a shallow person. He kind of started to see it earlier at the video rehearsals, the way she yelled and threw a fit acting completely unprofessional. As much as it hurts he needs to end things with her. His father was right about everything. Eddie took one last glare at Tyler and left his apartment making sure to slam his door as hard as he could.

Getting into his car he pulled out his phone. Dialing his fathers number he put the phone up to his ear and waited for him to answer. After a few minutes his voicemail came on. Great he thought He’s ignoring my calls. Slamming his hands on his steering wheel he made his way back to his apartment. When he got there he noticed Cloe’s car. Suddenly getting extremely pissed off he slammed his car door and walked into his apartment. When he got in there he noticed Cloe sitting on the couch. When she heard the door close she looked up at him, standing up she tried running into his arms. Eddie moved past her roughly. “Don’t touch me!” he said turning his back toward her. Cloe walked around to face him. “Eddie you have to listen, Tyler he forced himself on me, i-i-i pushed him away!” she said crying. Eddie scoffed. “Right, I’m really supposed to believe that!!” He yelled shoving past her and sitting on the couch head in hands. Cloe hurried over and sat down next to him. “This was your father!!” she screeched. “This is his fault, he-he doesn’t like me so he hired a private investigator to stalk me!!” she cried out. Eddie shook his head and clenched his fists. Lie after lie after lie just kept coming out of her mouth. Finally having enough of hearing her he slammed his fist down on the table. “STOP!!!” He said standing up. “Everything you say is a lie!” He screamed out. “YOU’VE BEEN SLEEPING WITH TYLER THE WHOLE TIME WE’VE BEEN TOGETHER!!” Eddie shouted out loudly. “YOU LIED TO ME OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN CLOE!” Cloe walked over and tried to hug him. “NO!”

Eddie moved away and went toward the door. “ITS OVER!!!” he shouted out startling her. Cloe’s eyes widened and she shook her head running to him. “No!” she said. “Its not over, we can get through this!!!” she cried out. Eddie looked her in the eye and said. “No we can’t, give me back the ring and get the hell out of my house!!” Cloe looked at him in shock. “Eddie, you can’t do this YOU LOVE ME!!” After hearing that Eddie got more pissed then ever. “GET OUT!” He yelled out. Cloe slowly walked toward the door. Before she could get to the door eddie took her hand. Cloe looked at him hopefully. Eddie took the ring off her finger. “LEAVE!” Taking one last look at him Cloe left.
When he heard the door shut Eddie threw the ring against the wall. Going over to his Piano he grabbed the picture of Cloe and smashed it to pieces. He went around his apartment taking every picture of her and smashing them one by one. Eddie felt like he was about to lose it. Taking his car keys he got into his car and made his way to his spot. His and Loren’s spot.

Putting on his sunglasses eddie made his way up the hill toward the tree he always sat against. Surprisingly he noticed Loren sitting against the tree, guitar in hand and singing away. Eddie walked up to her making sure not to scare her. “Hows it coming?” He asks sitting down beside her. Loren looked at Eddie and smiled. “Its coming, still needs work” she said looking down and softly strumming. Eddie sighed and looked down. He felt his heart breaking he really did love Cloe she helped him through the hardest time of his life, when his mother died. Looking out at the sky he let a tear fall down his cheek. Loren looked over at him with a worried look on her face. “Eddie, what is it?” she asked worriedly setting her hand on his shoulder. Eddie let out a sarcastic laugh. “Uh I really messed up” he said letting another tear fall down his cheek. Loren looked at him. “You can tell me” she said rubbing his shoulder comfortably. Eddie looked at her, “I should of listened to my father, and now he probably hates me” Eddie said crying. Loren looked at him with a sad look on her face. “Oh Eddie he could never hate you, he loves you” she said. Eddie looked down. “He was right about Cloe” He said standing up and kicking at the dirt. “WHY DID I LET MYSELF BELIEVE ALL OF HER LIE! he hollered out pulling at his hair frustratingly. Loren stood up and walked toward him. “I’M SO STUPID!!” he yelled out. Loren walked over to him and pulled at his arms gently. “No Eddie you aren’t stupid, you’re wonderful” she said softly looking into his eyes. Eddie didn’t let her say anything else he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Loren was shocked but kissed back just as passionately.

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